New investments and modernisation are making Québec an emerging data centre hub
Gifted with abundant and cheap low carbon electricity, a climate which enables the exploitation of free cooling and an advanced communications infrastructure, Montréal is attracting increasingly significant levels of local and international investment in new data centres and IT mission critical infrastructure.
However, constrained by the continual rise in capacity demand, data center operators and users of data centre services face critical strategic decisions regarding their investment infrastructure and IT strategies. The challenge of meeting new capacity and service demands whilst adapting legacy systems is especially problematic.
In response to these challenges, CIOs and Data Centre Managers are turning to new developments in automation, IT optimisation, renovation and integration of new technologies into existing facilities. Further, advances in new outsourcing and Cloud models are forcing decision makers to consider how they can exploit these developments to reduce their Capex whilst conserving the flexibility to respond to new market demands.
DatacenterDynamics Montréal will unveil the best strategies developed by data centre and IT professionals to overcome these challenges. By participating in this event, you will be able to exploit the experiences of the best of your peers and competitors in order to improve your own infrastructure and IT deployment strategies and mitigate the associated risks of these new investments.

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Key topics:

DatacenterDynamics Converged
As the transformation of the data centre continues, IT, the physical layer, and the plant supporting it are becoming increasingly integrated. Together, the CIO, IT manager and data center manager must consider how IT and physical infrastructure can be optimized for efficiency and productivity in the face of increasing complexity, as well as the role of outsourcing in service provision strategy.
DatacenterDynamics Converged recognizes the need for cross-disciplinary cooperation in the data centre. From site selection and construction to outsourcing strategy and regulation through to how best to deliver the infrastructure for your mission-critical infrastructure - DatacenterDynamics Converged reflects the interaction of the following three elements for optimum data centre operation and management:
Design, Build, Operate
Design, Build, Operate focuses on every part of the mission-critical facility lifecycle. From site selection and engineering design through to power availability and full data center automation; this is a must attend event for any organisation embarking on a new data center project or operating existing facilities.
Outsourcing Decisions
For every decision to build a data center there is one to outsource. From collocation to Platform-as-a-Service, from Software-as-a-Service, to building your data center capacity in the cloud, what are the options most appropriate to your organization? This conference theme explores an enterprise's strategic options for data center outsourcing, weighing up the economic benefits, the risks and the performance characteristics against those of doing it yourself.
IT Optimisation
The efficiency of the facility is only half the equation – optimizing all the systems that run within it is crucial: from processing to storage, to network to application. The ITO conference stream provides insight on how IT needs drive data center strategy and how that impacts infrastructure requirements.
Who should attend?
DatacenterDynamics Converged Montréal is specifically designed to fulfil the knowledge and networking needs for both those responsible for the design, build an operation of IT facilities as well as key IT decision makers responsible for strategic decisions regarding capacity planning and technology investment.
Chief Information and Technology Officers
Datacenter Facilities Managers and Engineers
Information Technology and Infrastructure Managers
Network, Cabling and Communication Engineers and Integrators
Architects, Design Build Consultants, and MEP Professionals
Datacenter, Commercial Office Space and Operations Staff
NOC, SOC and DOC Staff and Managers
Server, Storage and Application Administrators
C-level executives (Chief Executive Officer / Chief Information Officer / Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer / Chief Technology Officer)
Data Centre Managers and Directors
Data Centre Project Managers
IT Directors/IT Project Managers
Infrastructure Directors
IT Consultants
Data Centre Consultants
Business Analysts
Finance Directors & Managers

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