China is has plans to roll out 300 new cities that will be designed and operated to deliver “More with Less.”  More jobs, growth and innovation with less pollution and resource consumption.  The country is positioned to become a Leader, not Follower in this new type of high performance city. Data centers will play a pivotal role handling Big Data and Analytics required for the smarter infrastructure, smarter buildings, and smarter applications of China’s advanced new developments.

Within this context, South China is fast emerging as a center for technology, manufacturing and finance. Nowhere is this best represented than at Guangzhou, the cultural and political hub of South China. It is poised for significant growth in the Pearl River Delta as space and availability for new data centers declines in nearby Hong Kong.

As the move towards technology-centric city designs & operations speeds up, along with ever more business IT integration, City Managers and CIO’s in the region are now seeking out the latest technologies that will drive change and growth in the years ahead.

At DatacenterDynamics we recognize that these trends will impact enterprises and as a result we are now bringing DatacenterDynamics to Guangzhou! Our Guangzhou Converged conference will explore the impact of emerging architecture designs, data storage, SaaS, IaaS, Cloud and Virtualization on new cities and your business along with strategies to optimize IT and physical infrastructure for improved efficiency.

Join us on March 28th to learn, debate and network with key players in the sector as our industry experts cover the latest trends, technologies, best practices that showcase the emergence of Guangzhou as the next data center hub and the new technology-centric developments it can support!

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Key topics:

Design, Build, Operate
From site selection and engineering design through to power availability and full data center automation

Outsourcing Decisions
From collocation to Platform-as-a-Service, from Software-as-a-Service, to building your data centre capacity in the cloud

IT Optimisation
Insight on how IT needs drive data centre strategy and how that impacts infrastructure requirement

Who should attend?

DatacenterDynamics Guangzhou is specifically designed to fill the knowledge and networking needs for both those responsible for the design, build an operation of IT facilities as well as key IT decision makers responsible for strategic decisions regarding capacity planning and technology investment.

  • Chief Information and Technology Officers
  • Data center Facilities Managers and Engineers
  • Information Technology and Infrastructure Managers
  • Network, Cabling and Communication Engineers and Integrators
  • Architects, Design Build Consultants, and MEP Professionals
  • Datacenter, Commercial Office Space and Operations Staff
  • NOC, SOC and DOC Staff and Managers
  • Server, Storage and Application Administrators
  • C-level executives (Chief Executive Officer / Chief Information Officer / Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer / Chief Technology Officer)
  • Data Center Managers and Directors
  • Data Center Project Managers
  • IT Directors
  • IT Project Managers
  • Infrastructure Directors
  • IT Consultants
  • Data Center Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Finance Directors & Managers




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