BigData-Startups is the online big data knowledge platform, which aims to become the central point of big data on the web. is a platform with trends, best practices, information, open source tools and big data startups. The objective is to help organisations develop a big data strategy and to find the right big data technology vendor for that strategy.

About BizCloud® Network:
Bizcloud Network is a technology media company with a strong focus on delivering top industry news and producing reviews of Web, Mobile, Digital and Cloud Computing products and services. The site offers insights into rapidly-developing world of Cloud Computing and its connection to modern business. Bizcloud Network sees the tremendous value of implementing innovative technologies to enhance business processes and its team of expert writers accordingly creates the content that speaks to its target audience of business and IT professionals and decision makers.
Bizcloud Network has a strong fan base and a growing number of followers on major Social Media Sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. It was founded in 2007 as a Media Branch of BizCloud, a leading cloud computing and SaaS service provider. The company is based in San Francisco, California, and has offices in Europe and Asia.
About BizCloud®:
Based in San Francisco, California, with offices in Europe and Asia, BizCloud® ( is focused on technology and cloud innovations to assist businesses. BizCloud has mastered the art of integrated delivery alliances of cloud computing infrastructure, BPM platforms, business applications and service delivery organizations to deliver large inclusive customer outcomes for business owners. These Cloud Integrated delivery alliances cover Sales, Marketing, Operations and Engineering solutions customized to individual business needs. Bizcloud utilizes the best breed of cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) products allowing us to pass the savings on to our clients. is the resource for enterprise technologists. We feature news, commentary, podcasts, analysis and social media connections in domains of Big Data, Gov2.0, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Business Intelligence, Robotics and other areas of enterprise IT. Find us at

Data & Storage Management Report is a new online publication from the team behind APMdigest. The site delivers news and viewpoints on management technology for data, storage, capacity and Big Data via feature articles, blogs and industry news stories. Data & Storage Management Report covers a broad spectrum of related topics as well, including analytics, business intelligence, data protection and recovery. The site provides original content from industry experts, such as analysts and vendors, and offers resources such as free tools, white papers and webinars. Visit Data & Storage Management Report at

Monitoring, Modeling, Meditating the Green Data Center

The Green (Low Carbon) Data Center Blog is an unpaid project started by Dave Ohara in 2007 to allow him to practice explaining new concepts in the industry. Dave has a long history in tech, with 26 year's in product development experience at HP, Apple, and Microsoft before becoming the one man company that he operates today, working for clients who want to be ahead of the rest in the data center industry. Dave uses this blog to share public information available, adding his own comments to help interpret events. His rule for blogging is to only write when he has permission to discuss a topic, there are public disclosures, or are his own original ideas.

The Green Grid Association is a non-profit global consortium of more than 200 member entities dedicated to advancing resource efficiency in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. As the global experts on resource efficient ICT, The Green Grid advocates a holistic approach to ICT resource efficiency, including virtualization, cloud computing, carbon emissions, governmental regulations, water use, IT for Green, and environmental life cycle requirements. The Green Grid focus spans the entire computing and communications ecosystem from data centers to personal computers, enabling members to realize economic value, reduce risk, and achieve efficiencies not otherwise attainable. Our members include leading global companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals.

The Green Grid does not endorse vendor-specific products or solutions; instead, it seeks to provide industry-wide recommendations on best practices, metrics, and technologies that will improve overall resource efficiencies. For membership and other information, visit

Mission Critical is a new publication created exclusively for data center and emergency backup power professionals. Mission Critical and are the premier information resources for this growing market--providing practical solutions to designers, managers, owners and operators of data center and emergency backup installations. is the best online information resource for the latest news, tech tips and expert advice for IT managers responsible for the complex environment of the data center. Access in-depth analysis on technology and trends in the industry so you can successfully evaluate and make strategic business decisions.

The 7x24 Exchange Northwest Chapter's mission is to provide an open educational forum dedicated to the continuous improvement and increased awareness of data center reliability focusing on the key disciplines of design, construction, maintenance, security and management with the goal of obtaining continuous data center operations.

DatacenterDynamics FOCUS delivers the best international readership by providing sharp news, clear analysis, exclusive interviews, indepth technical and industry coverage and detailed original research. DatacenterDynamics Focus understands datacenter operations from breaking dirt for new buildings to the engineering requirements for efficient facilities, from the regulatory environment to the implications of cloud computing.

DCD Intelligence conducts market research and analysis using the company's extensive database of industry professionals.

The reporting and analytic services offered are designed to inform and facilitate business and organizational decision-making into the data center sector. In addition to the production of regional and technology reports, C-level seminars, we also offer bespoke research services.

DCProfessional Development is a global training and certification company focused on the data center sector. We work closely with professional bodies and industry associations around the world to make sure that our products and services meet the increasingly important educational demands of a high-impact industry sector.

Our online and classroom courses provide the data center community with the best informed, most coherent and most accessible learning and development services.

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Viewing presentations after a DatacenterDynamics conference

Registered attendees of an event are able to access the majority of the material presented after an event. We are introducing a new system - PresentationPLAYBACK - which enables you to listen to a full sound recording of the session along with the PowerPoint and any associated movies in a single file.

You will therefore need to have a recent version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer in order to view them (Google Chrome Users need not worry about this, as it's pre-built-in). Although we now endeavour to record all presentations in this format, occasionally - for technical reasons beyond our control - it is not possible to fully capture all sessions; in such cases you will only be able to view a PDF.

To access PresentationPLAYBACK you must be signed into your account. Click on the MyDCD button on the top navigation panel which will take you to your personal homepage - on the right hand column you will find an area headed 'My Presentations'. Here are listed the conferences you have access to (see access and restrictions below). The links will take you to the programme page of that conference, and by clicking on a session you will be taken to the individual conference asset where you will find the feature. Alternatively you can navigate to the conference site you wish and acess the file directly from there - remember you must be signed in.

DatacenterDynamics Conference sessions with this feature available will display the PresentationPLAYBACK icon:

The player is simple to use. Click on the play button for automatic playback, or advance through the slides.

Access and restrictions

The conference presentations you can view depend on your membership level. Silver members only have access to those from the events they have actually attended, whilst Gold members have access to presentation materials from all our events around the world. Click to here to find out about membership levels and how you can upgrade.