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14th January, 2015

As oil prices fall, Martin Hingley asks where data centers will migrate

13th January, 2015

Data centers can be anywhere - if residents agree, says Peter Judge

12th January, 2015

Australian telco gets the world's biggest private subsea cable network

9th January, 2015

Bart Goeman on what European HFC rules mean for data centers

8th January, 2015

German vendor's DCIM is based on tools used by NASA's Curiosity

7th January, 2015

DCIM promised a lot, but the results don't impress Zahl Limbuwala

6th January, 2015

Your data center and your IT kit have a limited life, says Peter Judge

5th January, 2015

Equinix's long awaited transition gets Bill Boyle's vote

24th December, 2014

Celia Villarrubia reports on new Colombian data centers

23rd December, 2014

US government needs to start again on the energy efficiency bill


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