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29th September, 2014

HP could kickstart ARM servers in the enterprise, says Peter Judge

29th September, 2014

With Hadoop, big data disrupted the data warehouse.  Now Apache Drill might shrink it

26th September, 2014

Nlyte takes stock of the DCIM industry, and how the technology has changed our view of the data center

26th September, 2014

In light of the recent Climate Change Agreement for data centers Dr Beth Whitehead, sustainability engineer at Operational Intelligence, describes how facilities in the UK can work towards reducing their non-IT energy consumption by 30%.

26th September, 2014

Glasgow Games CIO Graham Norse speaks with Penny Jones about the challenges tech teams face catering for an event as large as the Commonwealth Games

26th September, 2014

Australia is abolishing its carbon tax. How will data centers respond?

26th September, 2014

Singapore was IO's first data center outside the US. How is it doing?

25th September, 2014

£60k for 5G isn't much, but it's a tech vote-getter, says Peter Judge

24th September, 2014

Broadcom has no intention of losing its lead in the physical switch market to slow-poke virtual switches

23rd September, 2014

Hard disk evolution keeps fending off solid state, says Peter Judge.


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