New cloud data center planned for East China

Nearby river will provide free cooling for large facility throughout much of the year

3 October 2013 by Laura Luo -  -  

A new cloud computing data center project has been announced for Jiande, in the Zhejiang Province in East China, according to the Zhejiang Daily.

The new data center, located in Mamu-Nanfeng Hi-tech Industrial Park in Hangzhou, will be funded by Zhejiang Yunkuaichuan Science and Technology Co. Ltd with 4bn CNY.

The project will be completed in five years. For Phase I, 2bn CNY will be invested for a six-module data center capable of hosting 60,000 servers along with a support and management center.

In phase II and III another 60,000 servers will be added.

The data center will be used by enterprises and institutions in the direct jurisdiction of the central government.

One project that has already been decided on for the data center is the Chinese Academy of Sciences new Cloud Computing R&D and Production Base.

General Manager of Zhejiang Yunkuaichuan Science and Technology CoHe Qing said the data center will draw on the nearby Xin’anjiang River’s constant water temperature - at about 17℃ year round - for cooling purposes.

When (the outside air) temperature is low, the data center can be partly or completely cooled by natural cooling, while the water in the cooling tower can be used as a cooling source; when (the outside air) temperature is above 15℃in wet-bulb temperature, the water of the Xin’anjiang River can be used as a cooling source.

It is estimated that the project will achieve an annual sales volume of 10bn CNY and annual tax revenue of 420m CNY while offering more than 1000 jobs, upon completion of Phase I.

Once the entire project is complete, a cloud computing R&D and production base will be constructed within five years to meet application requirements in urban planning and management, e-government services, high-performance computing, e-commerce, internet of things, data mining and software services.

Many domestic telecommunication players, large financial institutions and top 100 websites are also expected to use the Jiande cloud computing data center as a platform to enter into the cloud computing market and develop large high-end technology industry cluster.


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