Lenovo to push cloud offerings for mobile devices

Subsidiary Stoneware to add off-premises, hosted app services

16 May 2014 by Hollie Luxford - DatacenterDynamics

Lenovo to push cloud offerings for mobile devices
Lenovo is moving into the Cloud space

US-based cloud computing software manufacturer Stoneware – a subsidiary of Chinese computer technology company Lenovo – is planning to offer hosted application services that it will build on existing secure cloud and virtual desktop services, according to Techworld.

Lenovo acquired Stoneware in 2012 to enhance and expand its cloud computing solutions.

Last year Lenovo opened its first public cloud service, Reach which it built around technology is gained from Stoneware.

Stoneware’s WebNetwork virtual desktop currently offers a cloud desktop, with a browser-like interface and also provides secure and server-defined access to Web-based software such as Salesforce applications.

The subsidiary plans to directly offer hosted applications for businesses that don't have data centers or do not want to make major investments in buying applications.

Lenovo’s CEO of the Stoneware unit Rick German said the goal is to aggregate on-premise applications, software-as-a-service and storage services in just one user interface.

“It's going to be a combination. At the enterprise level we assume they have a data center that we can't offer. But as we go down into small- and medium-businesses it's more likely... they will say they want to go without a data center and purchase certain applications," German said.

It has not been confirmed when the new services will be available.


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