Huawei reveals 5G SDN-based network

Flex Optical Network to “pave a new direction” for optical transport technology

26 June 2014 by Hollie Luxford - DatacenterDynamics

Huawei reveals 5G SDN-based network
Huawei's headquarters. Image courtesy of the Creative Commons

ICT company Huawei has revealed a 5th-generation (5G) SDN-based (software-defined networking) optical network architecture to accelerate the evolution of optical transport technology.

Huawei’s SDN-based Flex Optical Network features resilient ultra-large pipes, efficient multi-layer synergy and SDN-enabled openness.

Resilient ultra-large pipes, which support flex-optical layer, flex-electrical layer and flex-capacity technologies, are expected to carry high volumes of traffic.

The Flex-electrical layer adopts Nx100G based Flex-OTN architecture which will allow flexible service switching and multiplexing within large-capacity pipes.

Huawei claims using powerful signal modulation technologies flex-capacity can achieve on-demand transmission capacity or distance.

The multi-layer synergy empowers a smart policy engine to improve the overall pipe efficiency.


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