Respect launches campaign to fund a global network

Hopes to raise US$25m for private data sharing network

24 June 2014 by Nick Booth -  -

Respect launches campaign to fund a global network
The fightback against loss of internet privacy

Respect Network hopes to launch the world’s first global network for trusted private data sharing.

Announcing a campaign to recruit subscribers it claimed the move is a response to increasing concerns about online privacy.

The goal of the Respect Network First Million Member Campaign is to raise US$25m (£17m) to build the network infrastructure for a private cloud.

Of the proposed targeted funds, it said that $8m is needed for a development grant program to pay for new applications and services for the network.

Under the proposed scheme, members pay $25 (£17) to buy a lifetime membership which Respect CEO Drummond Reed said would put: “…their digital rights back under their control.”

This global ‘cloudfunding’ means subscribers can invest directly in the future of internet privacy he said.

Each individual member receives a lifetime ‘cloud name’, which Respect described as ‘a portable, private digital address for life’. Reed said: “Cloud names will become the symbol of this shift towards privacy and personal control on the Internet.”

The Respect Network has been in development for three years.

Founding partner companies include Neustar, as well as Allfiled, Ctrl-Shift, CitizenMe, Digital Animal, miiCard, mydex, MyProfessionalID, Paoga, Social Safe, SmarterComplaints and The Customers’ Voice.

“Protection of our digital life is the civil rights issue of our time,” Reed said.

“Choosing what happens with our private information on the internet is something we should all have the right to do.”

Respect Network will try to put control back into the hands of individuals and give them choice over how their information is used and compensate them for its value.

“People are no longer prepared to be the product,” Reed said.


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