CenturyLink launches Open Source management system

Panamax speeds up development of containerized offerings

13 August 2014 by Nick Booth -  -

CenturyLink launches Open Source management system
Panamax Docker programming environment

Data center operator Centurylink has launched Panamax, its Open Source management system for Docker programming environments.

The system is aimed to make it easier for data center service providers to create and provision containerized products for clients.

Panamax uses templates of pre-configured application sets that can communicate with each other.

These massively simplify the process of communication with database servers.

Previously, when developers wanted to run multi-container, multi-server apps with Docker, they needed to learn as many as five new technologies and observe time consuming Docker-specific best practices.

Ultimately, according to CenturyLink, this helps to prevent the configuration problems that currently hinder developers when they load their work onto a web server.

The Panamax platform follows Google’s release of Kubernetes, an Open Source manager of Docker containers for its cloud platform.

However, Panamax differs from Google’s Kubernetes because it works in tandem with existing Linux container-orchestration systems.

Open Source Apache-based Panamax can run on laptops, virtual machines, bare metal or any public cloud that supports CoreOS.

CenturyLink’s CIO Lucas Carlson said the scalability and portability of applications have become more crucial since Docker and Linux containerization have become more popular.

Containerization offers a smaller technology footprint than that of Intel-based x86 virtualization systems.

"Docker captured my imagination when I realized that I could encapsulate the entire state of my application system and share it with anyone else in the world," Carlson said.

"Panamax lets you combine Linux containers like Legos, stitching together the best-of-breed containers built by the DevOps community, and then deploy them anywhere."

451 Research’s senior enterprise software analyst Jay Lyman said with Panamax Centurylink has created a standard for managing Linux containers and Dockerized applications.

"It will help developers and IT shops interested in using Linux containers or Docker that lack expertise or experience with it," Lyman said.

"It may also help those who are more experienced with containers and Docker to pull in additional stakeholders and supporters to drive broader or deeper use".


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