Garden State's newest data center gets direct fiber tap to Brazil and beyond

Joint venture with Tata provides cable access to Europe and South America

22 January 2015 by Drew Amorosi - Datacenter Dynamics

Garden State's newest data center gets direct fiber tap to Brazil and beyond
(Seaborn Networks)

New Jersey Fiber Exchange (NJFX) this week announced it is developing a new 52,235-sq ft data center along the northern New Jersey coast that will provide direct connections to international submarine telecommunications cables, according to a company statement. The company, officially formed late last week, said it will partner with India-based telecom giant Tata Communications to provide colocation and other data center services at the new facility.

The news came on the same day that Tata announced it had bought into the Seabras-1 undersea cable currently under construction to link North America and Brazil. Seaborn Networks, which is the project’s developer and will operate the cable, earlier this week announced a deal that has Tata purchasing “significant capacity” on the undersea cable that will link the two countries with landing points in Wall, New Jersey, and Fortaleza and São Paulo in Brazil.

The linking of North America and Europe to South America is key to the promotional push by NJFX, which on its website highlights the new facility’s “Independent International Cable Access” to the regions.

The company was co-founded by telecom industry veteran Gil Santaliz and enterprise tech expert Peter Sacco. And while it may be little more than a week old, Santaliz told DatacenterDynamics that the joint venture is a project he has been working on with Tata for more than a year. NJFX will share one existing structure on the site with Tata, and is planning to design and build its new data center based on feedback from customers on their requirements, he explained.

NJFX describes the new Tier III facility as a “carrier-neutral fiber hotel,” and says the two-story facility will have independent, direct access to undersea cables on the same site that connects North America, South America, and Europe.

The new build will be owned and operated by NJFX; the company’s official release said the facility will be served by eight Tier One network service providers in the area that can offer anywhere from regional to international networks services.

NJFX anticipates a go-live date for the site sometime in 2016, “and will be open to carriers, enterprises, carrier-neutral operators and cable companies”, it explained in a statement. “Carriers and enterprises using the NJFX location will also have access to Tata Communications' global connectivity…which enables carriers and enterprises to connect to certain locations around the world”, NJFX added, highlighting the global reach of its partner for the new venture: “built on the world's largest and most advanced global subsea cable network…Over 24% of the world's Internet routes use Tata Communications' network.”


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