ICTroom to build modular data center for Cegeka

The facility is being billed as the most energy-efficient in the Netherlands

16 January 2015 by Max Smolaks

ICTroom to build modular data center for Cegeka
Data center in Sittard-Geleen - 3D rendering

Belgian cloud and IT outsourcing company Cegeka will be opening a €10 million Tier III data center in the Netherlands to support its growing Infrastructure-as-a-Service business.

The facility will be designed, constructed and operated by Dutch modular data center specialist ICTroom. Cegeka says modular approach will make it the country’s most energy-efficient data center.

It is expected to become operational by June 2015.

Building blocks
Cegeka has been in the data center business ever since being founded in 1992. Today, it runs three facilities - in Hasselt, Leuven and Veendendaal.

Cegeka’s next site will be located in Sittard-Geleen, South Limburg, just an hour’s drive from the Belgian and German borders. First phase of the project will deliver 750 kW of IT load capacity, with space for up to 160 racks.

ICTroom makes standardized data center modules using components from Siemens, GEA and Caterpillar. This approach lowers the cost of entry, and pre-assembled modules can be easily placed anywhere data capacity is needed.

The campus in Sittard-Geleen will be similar to the 6MW facility ICTroom is currently building for an unnamed IT service provider in the UK. It will feature indirect air cooling, and come equipped with solar panels to minimize its carbon footprint and maximize power efficiency.

“This is a great example of how using modular technology from a supplier who knows what they are doing, and with access to best-of-breed components, can bring significant business benefits in terms of cost effectiveness, speed and efficiency,” said the recently appointed marketing director Matthew Gingell.

“I joined ICTroom precisely because it is a company with the skills, experience and ambition to capitalize on these kinds of opportunity, right across Europe”.


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