Vaninga goes modular in Mozambique

The upcoming facility in Maputo will consist of T-Cube containers made by Telenetix

9 January 2015 by Max Smolaks

Vaninga goes modular in Mozambique
Telenix T-Cube in transit

Mozambican telecommunications operator Vaninga & Investimentos Limitada has contracted Telenetix to deliver its first data center in the capital city of Maputo.

Telenetix, which is headquartered in South Africa, specializes in rapid deployment modular data center designs. Vaninga says this approach will enable it to open the facility as soon as May.

"We are very excited to be joining forces with Telenetix. They have demonstrated time and again their capability in delivering projects on budget and on time in harsh African conditions and we are confident they will do the same again," said Edwin Thompson, COO at Vaninga.

Speed is of the essence
Telenetix was founded in 2006 as a traditional infrastructure vendor, but by 2010, it shifted its focus to modular data centers which can be easily placed anywhere data capacity is needed. The company has deployed its T-Cube containers all over the continent, frequently having to adapt them to local climates.

The T-Cube range includes several sizes of containers, as well as a dedicated ‘powerpack’ generator module and even a solar-powered education module for schools located off the grid.

The upcoming facility in Matola, an industrial suburb of Maputo, will offer traditional hosting and colocation services, as well as bare metal servers and cloud computing.

Vaninga believes that the rapidly developing economy of Mozambique suffers from a shortage of daata center capacity. At the same time, the operator wants to capitalize on the smartphone boom, which is placing additional strain on its networks as more people begin to enjoy services like video streaming.

The first phase of the carrier-neutral data center will host several hundred racks, but will be expanded in the future – Vaninga says it has already been approached by customers who are interested in leasing the whole facility.

“Telenetix is very pleased to have been selected by Vaninga to provide their first data center as we view this relationship as long term and we want to partner the company in its expansion into Africa," said CEO Dean Hall.

In June 2014, African data center specialist Athlone Investments (soon to be renamed APIO) announced it will be buying 75 percent of Vaniga for an undisclosed amount. Athlone said at the time that penetration of broadband in Mozambique stood at around 0.6 percent, but it expected this number to increase dramatically in the next few years.

"The growth potential in the data center market in the southern part of the African continent is huge: in the future we will see the broadband and cloud services market developing at a rate similar to that experienced in the African cellular market," said Gordon Edwards, Vaninga's chairman.


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