Are software defined data centers for real?

Hawkins Hua takes a close look at SDDC

20 February 2015 by Hawkins Hua

Are software defined data centers for real?
Thinkstock / buchachon

As IT infrastructure and operations have become more complex, technologies such as cloud and virtualization have been implemented to adapt to various business needs. Over the past decade, server virtualization has redefined the deployment, management and optimization of computing resources, transforming the data center into a more adaptable and efficient platform for business applications. Application loads that once ran on static, dedicated servers are now hosted in dynamic, virtualized server environments that can be scaled and shaped on demand.

While virtualization reshapes data center operations, enabling enterprises to deploy affordable, rack-based servers that can be pooled and allocated to shifting application demands, the transformation is incomplete. Network and storage assets in data centers remain tightly siloed and statically configured. Few facilities are capable of automating and orchestrating the management of pooled network and storage hardware.

The software defined data center (SDDC) claims to change that. It is described by VMware as: “A unified data center platform that provides unprecedented automation, flexibility, and efficiency to transform the way IT is delivered. Compute, storage, networking, security, and availability services are pooled, aggregated, and delivered as software, and managed by intelligent, policy-driven software.”