Look out for the new, smarter DCD

Our new look ison the way...

25 February 2015 by Peter Judge - DCD

Look out for the new, smarter DCD
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Datacenter Dynamics is about to have a makeover. Our improved website is ready to rock and roll and we'll be unleashing it on 26 February.

We're still the go-to place for infrastructure news, analysis and opinion, but our new site will be cleaner, brighter, and easier to use. It will also be more interactive, so if you like what you see - or see ways we can improve it - you can tell us!

We hope you like it, and look forward to hearing your opinions.

On track
The new site more closely displays the facets of our business, linking news and opinion to the more in-depth activity of our analyst colleagues at DCD Intelligence, and the buzz of DCD Converged events around the world. Training and best practice are also front and center.

Five channels on the site - Critical Environment, IT + Networks, Design + Strategy, Security and App > Cloud - mirror the tracks in our events, and bring structure and understanding to a vastly expanding field of knowledge and practice.

We could tell you more, but that would spoil the surprise.

Come here tomorrow. We hope you will like what you see.


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